Why Interior Architecture Beckons as Your Ultimate Career Path?

 W.M. Chalani Wasala | Interior Designer 

BA in Interior Architecture (MY) 

Founder of INARTE design studio |Life on a diary | RuArte

Choosing the right path is challenging.

Choosing an Interior Designing degree is a life changing decision I made in my life. Today it is actually a fascinating and a challenging career choice. And also, it is one of the most futuristic professions. The global population is increasing and it makes the people to think of designing spaces with limited resources and make the stressful environment in to a relaxing and nice space. It totally helps to increase the efficiency of the people who live in there.

Recently I’m building up my own designing firm having a relationship with the well reputed construction company, Wasala constructions (Pvt) Ltd which has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and SP home construction (Pvt) Ltd which is a furniture manufacturing company. And I always making sure the projects run smoothly and create designs that fulfill clients’ unique personal styles. Since Interior Designing is not an ordinary field, I had to make sure if I’m capable of entering this field.

Thinking out of the Box

According to our school educational system, students are not aware of a lot of career options. So, with my family background I was leading to be a civil engineer. And I was training on construction sites while I was doing my ordinary level studies at school. I could get some experience about the site supervising, materials, machines, and other construction stuff. Obviously, I selected mathematic stream to do my Advance level and I could get to know more information about the career opportunities and why should we select something fascinating with our true talent and the passion. So, first time I had my own goal to be and architect but I couldn’t get enough results to enter a university. So, I was searching another way to find my career path.

Although I didn’t focus much about the art as an ordinary subject always, I had these fascinating abstract ideas about everything around me. I used to draw abstract paintings which had hidden meanings. And also, I could see hidden feelings of shapes, materials and colors, and I was searching for a profession where I could be myself.

If you believe that you have a creative imaginative approach to the things around you, then definitely the Interior Architecture is your career path. So that made my mind to be an Interior Architect one day because it is more than a just profession.

How Should you work for the dream ?

If you are truly interested in anything, you should do some research and find every possible information about that. There are good opportunities to become an Interior Architect in our country. Among the few opportunities to go abroad to do the degree, I decided to do my degree at NSBM Green University because they were offering to do international degree programs while staying in our country. Doing an international degree will give you opportunities to work in another country with that degree certificate. That made my decision to register to the Interior Architecture degree program in NSBM with “Limkokwing University of creative technology – Malaysia “

Before entering the degree program, I was making sure to be aware of course details and to be more qualified without entering the field knowing nothing. So I got qualified with some Architectural soft wares by doing a certificate course and also I was a trainee under an Architect, learning construction technical details, drawing house plans, and knowing every possible details which would help to the degree program.

That made my three years of university life easier to go through. And to become an Interior Architect. The idea of not framing myself in an ordinary career life made me to start my own business even if it is a small one. Dealing with this challenge is giving me great opportunities to develop a bond with the society and to be a successful company owner one day.

What made me become who I am Today ?    

Choosing an Interior Designing degree and working in the field is helping me to express myself creatively and to use maximum of my imagination. Each project I am working as a designer is a challenge. Always there are new researches, new materials, new ideas and I would never get bored. This profession makes me to think out of the box all the time. Every project is testing my creativity, technical skills, patience and the relationship with the clients. More than everything we are helping people to find solutions for their problems. Most interesting thing about this field for me is the psychology. In every detail we design, we could possibly follow psychology tips to express or control the feelings and moods of people with colors, materials, shapes, lightings and even by changing a little plant.

After studying Interior Architecture, I could possibly open myself creatively to try amazing things which I haven’t even thought I might have before. I started to do digital illustrations as a hobby and it leads me to make an extra opportunity to deal with foreign clients and make a reasonable income as a part time career. So why shouldn’t I keep choosing Interior designing as my passion.

Find who you are 1st before asking for options from others

At some point we all have an idea of who we desperately want to be, but it might not be who we were designed to be. When we found who is really in us, it will guide where we should be. I always take my time to find myself when things get upside down. If you truly understand real you then you can always fix you and get you to the right path even it takes years of your life.

So the most important thing is to discover ourselves. This might be the most difficult step in our life but it is a necessary one. We have to have more than enough attempts but it’s worthy to pay attention if we could find our true passion. Because it shows u a different area of your life and surly it will change your future. But make sure to work for it. always work for your goal if you really want to be successful in your life.

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