Best Salary Negotiation Tips for women

You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Woman everywhere now have the chance to Earn what they deserve when it comes to their salary.

Negotiating the salary will not be easy, especially for women, it is difficult. Normally women are not deciding the salary they are offered a job.

Uncomfortable talking about the salary: that’s not just only you

If discussions about what you have earned and what you are expecting to earn makes you difficult to talk, that’s mean you are not alone. According to the surveys and research findings, it says that 60% of women and 48% of men do not wish to discuss about their salary and its is question which should be asked from them.

Best Time to negotiate salary

Some specialists believe you should always negotiate salary and ask for a higher salary. Before you do that, it is a good idea to study the job and the employer to be sure that the compensation package is negotiable.

Women have a very tough task in asking for a raise than their male equivalents. – but don’t let the challenge stop you from attempting. Here is our best salary negotiation advice for women.

Be Prepared

Successfully negotiating a salary increment requires a  careful planning.

Preparation will pay off at every step of the way towards a bigger salary. Take this task seriously, because the consequences may be either good or bad, yet they will greatly affect your future career. Use a data-driven way to your research and lean into your network for information, feedback, and support.

Think about what is the worst that can happen. None of the decent managers will blame you for trying, rather he or she will advocate you, or yourself will be seen as excellent character.

How do I know whether it is the Right Number to be asked?

So, you are looking for salary raise, but by how much? Finding the correct number is so important before approaching your manager because raising the salary is a huge point in your career. If you ask for a too much raise there are high chances of ignoring your request regarding the salary raise. And  asking for a very small increment ,will undermine all the work you have done before. So, it’s important to do enough research to find the right number for you. There are so many online salary calculator tools you can use.

To Select the right number to be asked, research regarding the industry within which you are looking for a salary raise and the local job market. To get this knowledge you must go among a contact in the local market and network to find out the present situation. Start off also by asking men and women in a similar position in the industry.

You’ll need to keep this information in a way that you can present in your negotiation to prove your request is based on facts.

Making a confident initial offer will mostly fit to anchor the conversation to your benefit. In the other case, it’s necessary to diffuse the power of the anchor simply and strongly.

Create your Profile 

You need to present evidence to prove that your demanded pay raise is based on data-driven research. To show that , you need to create a document of your performance at least during the past 12 months or more.

Not only Achieving or surpassing deadlines and goals but also times when you have developed processes, improved productivity, skills, or had given emotional support in ways which goes beyond your job description too can be included.


Offer That they can’t Ignore

Use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ when talking to show that you see yourself as a combined part of the company.

Simply explain how a pay raise for you is going to make much bigger profits for them. If feasible, use actual sales figures to prove that your salary is much less expensive than the benefits they will receive.

Until you ask You don’t Know what you will get

Some research shows women are less successful than men when requesting a salary increase because they have few experiences in negotiating.

Do not expect a Yes or No answer, try harder to achieve what you want in all the possible ways. In that way , sometimes you will end up in other benefits like change in the job title or some other increment. So, don’t give up so early. Sometimes you will end up with a much higher different level of the offer you are making.

Become a Better Negotiator

In the normal world, Salary negotiation would be a straightforward task. in this scenario what everyone thinking of is that they will judge, decide fairly and give an appropriate answer.

Sadly, this is far from existence. Asking for a salary increment is difficult to handle and that involves so many of things which you cannot control. if you don’t have any experience in asking about a pay raise better you should go through yourself and practice and gather knowledge about salary negotiations.

Studying of some tricks and tools, and preparation will definitely increase your self-confidence before the big meeting as well as will help you in your task.

Quick Tips

  • Be an engaged listener
  • Don’t fear silence
  • Stay on to the purpose.
  • develop positive emotions.
  • Boosting you emotional intelligence


Mindfulness or the awareness of the present moment is the best way to tune up your own emotions as well as the emotions of those around you.

Know When to Ask

Deciding up on when you should go and ask might be the greatest weapon.  From the firm’s perspective, pick a time in the financial year when things are positive. Early or at the end might not suit if there is financial pressure. In the middle of the year might produce better outcomes if things are on a correct positive path. But better to find out whether they had a big and a fair improvement in the revenue last year. Are they on track to do the same next year?

Also, try and find out if any other salary increments were made in the recent months and if so to whom and by how much and try to differentiate and understand their level of importance and your level of importance toward the business model of the company.

Some helpful lines

“Can we allocate some time to talk about my pay raise with my performance review during the past few months ?”
“I’d like to have a quick meeting with you about my pay raise. Please let me know if this time works for you.”

Make an Impact

Go to the meeting positively with confidence. Show them this meeting is more important to the company than yourself. Create a conversation while you are staying in the company position.

 Some examples Lines for Starting the conversation

“I’ve been thinking about my recent months of work and realized that I am inline for a pay raise. What are your opinions on this?”
“Thank you for allocating  this time to meet with me. I am enjoying my prevailing role and responsibilities and am eager to proceed to work ambitiously and as a result, I’d like to discuss my salary and the pay raise.”
“Thank you for joining me. I’d like to share with you some of my recent accomplishments and discuss a salary raise. Does that sound reasonable?”

Are you ready for your next big step? We hope these ideas will help you with your confidence.  Go ahead.

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