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Brandix Corporate Campus (BCC), a subsidiary of Brandix Lanka Limited, is a pioneer in fashion education in Sri Lanka. The campus has been offering clothing technology courses since 1996, catering to students straight out of school who aspire to start their careers in the Fashion and Apparel Industry as well as those already in the industry who wish to enhance their skills.

The training activities on campus are categorized into two primary areas: first, industry-focused training for beginners, and second, industry-centric training for existing professionals. The campus offers specialised technical courses that range from Fabric Technology, Advanced Pattern Making, and Sewing Machine Skills, to Merchandising and Production Management and so much more.

Brandix Corporate Campus also runs an Advanced Diploma in Fashion, Apparel & Textiles. This new Advanced Diploma is positioned to become the gateway for budding and dynamic individuals who seek to build a career in the Sri Lankan and Global Apparel Industry. The programme has been created by some of the most proficient members in the industry who have been exposed to the best innovative global practices. This team of professionals use their expertise to ensure that the programme keeps up with new industry developments.

Brandix Corporate Campus also runs two part-time diplomas over the course of a year, for industry professionals. One of the diplomas is designed for Executives and includes a focus on management and technology related subjects. The other is for front-end managers in the industry, and provides technical insights that make tangible differences on the production floor.

Furthermore, BCC is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, training equipment, and laboratories, where the teaching methods immerse students in both theoretical and practical aspects of the Apparel Industry. In addition, the BCC lab conducts testing for global brands such as Marks & Spencer, PVH, Amazon, Tommy John, and GAP.

The academic staff at the campus consists of a highly qualified group of individuals, holding a collective total of six PhDs, four Masters degrees, and 10 Bachelors degrees.


college diploma in clothing manufacturing man...

120,000 LKR

Brandix Corporate Campus, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Beds Online
Baths English
Size 14 Months

Associate diploma in clothing manufacturing

100,000 LKR

Brandix Corporate Campus, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Beds Depends
Baths English
Size 16 Months

Advanced diploma in fashion, apparel and textiles

875,000 LKR /Can be paid in Installments

Brandix Corporate Campus, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Beds Mixed
Baths English
Size 24 Months

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