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The Short Course in Personality Development for School Leavers at IHRA, University of Colombo, is a thoughtfully crafted program aimed at nurturing the personal and interpersonal skills of recent graduates. This engaging course, facilitated by experienced instructors, empowers participants to build self-confidence, enhance communication, and develop essential life skills, setting them on a path for future personal and professional success.


The Short Course in Personality Development for School Leavers at IHRA, University of Colombo, has been meticulously designed with the following key objectives:

  1. Self-Confidence Cultivation: This program is dedicated to nurturing self-confidence. Through practical exercises and confidence-building activities, participants will gain the self-assuredness required to face life’s challenges and opportunities with poise.
  2. Effective Communication Mastery: Our focus is on empowering students with impeccable communication skills. They will learn how to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions clearly and persuasively, both in one-on-one interactions and in group settings.
  3. Interpersonal Skills Enhancement: The course places significant emphasis on developing interpersonal skills. Through interactive workshops, group discussions, and role-play scenarios, participants will become adept at building meaningful relationships and fostering positive connections with others.
  4. Emotional Intelligence: This program will help students enhance their emotional intelligence. They will learn to understand, manage, and utilize their emotions effectively, enabling them to navigate various life situations with empathy and resilience.
  5. Leadership and Teamwork: In addition to personal development, the course will instill leadership qualities and teamwork skills. Students will learn how to lead and collaborate effectively, a vital asset for success in both personal and professional contexts.

Program Schedule: We offer a comprehensive program on Thursday and Sunday combining physical lectures, and theory sessions held from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Target Group

The Short Course in Personality Development for School Leavers at IHRA, University of Colombo, is tailored to meet the needs of a specific target group. This program is designed for recent high school graduates or school leavers who are embarking on the journey of personal and professional growth. It caters to individuals who are eager to enhance their self-confidence, communication skills, and interpersonal abilities. This course is ideal for those who want to build the foundation for effective self-expression, meaningful relationships, and successful leadership, whether in academic pursuits, career opportunities, or their integration into various social and professional settings.

Entry Qualifications

a. S/he has Sat for the GCE (O/L) Examination
b. S/he is not less than 16 years of age


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Program Type:Skill Development
Method:Part time
medium:english and sinhala
duration:3 months


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