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What Will I Learn?

  • Gain a clear understanding of the fundament aspects of customer service and apply them within your business environment.
  • Improve your communication process and how to effectively communicate with customers.
  • An academic qualification will enable to have the confidence in your skills and knowledge to grow your business organization further.
  • Learn how to implement a successful customer service plan in any industry that you work in.
  • Learn how enhance your customer service relationship with your current and potential customers.
  • Learn how to manage conflict in the workplace and ensure it doesn’t negatively impact staff performance.

About Programme?

Executive Diploma in Retail Management is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of theoretical and applied aspects of the Retail Management, with emphasis on the key perspective that shapes the retail marketplace, including environmental influences, direct relationships, and the retail operation. Special attention will be given to supply chain relationships, quality and value, ethics, consumer satisfaction, and social responsibility.

Providing excellent customer service is important for every business that views its long-term viability. This programme is perfect as it teaches learners the tricks and tips on how to turn customers into the repeat, life-long loyal base. The Executive Diploma in Retail Management introduce learners to the key elements of customer service and what it takes to become an effective customer service supervisor or manager. It is a comprehensive training enabling learners to develop sound of customer service techniques and how to apply them into real-world situations.

The course covers the specifics of how customer service works in multiple industries. Learn how to create a positive impression, learn how to deal with customer queries and improve your customer communication skills. The philosophy of the programme is to enable learners become successful as individuals who play an important role in retail sectors.


BIMT Campus was established in order to electrify the employability of the Nation. We are equipped with the best panel of lecturers who are not only qualified professionally and academically but also enriched with global and local corporate competence. We have created a unique learning environment that will empower our students with the necessary skills to achieve their corporate ambitions. Their success depends upon the applications of theoretical skills and practical experience. It is the combination, where we are true experts, insuring that students get the right balance of solid theory coupled with necessary ‘real-life’ case studies and teaching.

BIMT CAMPUS is the fastest growing Private Sector Higher Educational Institute in Sri Lanka. We offer a range of Internationally Recognized Educational programs in partnership with globally reputed Universities and Awarding bodies. We have picked the best courses, which offer the qualifications suitable for Sri Lankan students to gain complete knowledge on subject matters.


The course will familiarize students with the various activities that are involved in the retail sector. It will provide a broad overview of different aspects of retail management like merchandising, consumer behavior etc.., Students learn how to use technology in order to analyze, collect, and interpret data from retail systems. The emphasis is placed on the basic computer skills used in retail that is report generation, overall social impact of technology in retail.


  • Retail Store Operations and Inventory Management.
  • Principles of Accounting and Finance.
  • CRM Fundamentals.
  • Market Research and Sales Techniques.
  • Principles of Organizational Behavior.
  • Business Law.
  • Mandatory Field Visit.


  • Retail Supervisor.
  • Retail Controller.
  • Purchasing Manager.
  • Inventory Manager.
  • Shop Floor Manager.
  • Merchandising Manager.


  • You should be over the age of 16 .
  • You should have intermediate English Knowledge.


Necessary documents should be submitted before registering for this program. As below,

    • Duly Filled Application.
    • O/L and A/L Result sheet (if available).
    • NIC or Passport (Copy).
    • Passport Size Photo.


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Program Type:Management
duration:6 months

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  • EduPro,UK


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