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Diploma in Special Need Education

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Introduction to SEN

  • Special Education Needs (SEN) refers to children with learning disabilities or issues who find it hard to learn compared to children of the same age. Specially designed learning centers and learning environments are made available for students with special education needs to help them through their learning disabilities and achieve success.
  • A career in the SEN field can be ideal for people who love to work with and help kids with learning disabilities. Many children will require special education needs at one stage or another during their academic years. Therefore, a career in the SEN field can be rewarding and progressive.
  • It is essential to identify children with learning disabilities early in order to help them with their special education needs. The approaches and methods of teaching for SEN children will differ from that of normal children. Therefore, one should master the relevant knowledge and skills before embarking on a career in SEN

Objectives of the Diploma

  • This diploma is here to help you with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for a career in SNE. This diploma will teach you in-depth about SNE and its importance of it to society. You will learn about the different ways in which schools provide provision for children with SEN.
  • This diploma will further enlighten you with regard to the behavioral issues and common SNE conditions found within schools. With a diploma in SNE, you can get ahold of a prominent job in the SNE field. With the relevant knowledge and experience, you can progress to become a special education teacher, SNE counselor or behavioral analyst. Or you can start up an SNE school with this diploma as well.
  • You can consider this diploma as a foundation to study further and achieve a degree in SNE.
  • You can use a Diploma in SNE to enhance your CV as additional qualifications.

Mode of Study

100% Online (Live classes) via Zoom and Gatwick Learning portal.

Medium of Instruction



Assignments are given by the instructors at the end of each module or capstone project.


3 Months (30 classroom learning 20 hours of experiential learning 40 hours of self-learning)


-Passed GCE O/L or IGSE

-You must be 16 years of age or more

-You should have a basic understanding of numeracy, the English language and ICT.

Programme Aims and Objectives

Our Diploma in Psychological Counselling will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills in Special Needs Education required to effectively and compassionately support special needs students. You will undertake 20  hours of valuable experiential learning during your course which will equip you with practical teaching skills and experience.

The objectives of the Diploma in Special Needs Education are to:

  • Learn in-depth about special education needs (SEN) and their importance of it to society.
  • Understand the types of special educational needs.
  • different ways used by schools to provide provision for special education needs.
  • Learn about the different theories and styles of special needs education.
  • Gain insight into SEN support and the role of SENCO in SEN support.
  • Gain an understanding of the role of SENCO, the importance of SENCO, and how to deal with other agencies.


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Program Type:Special Education
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