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What Will I Learn?
– Remain comfortable with silences and encourage the client to own them.
– Learn how to improve effective communication with different clients and develop competent counseling skills.
– Understanding the client’s face, body, vocal, and verbal messages.
– Being in tune with their own emotional reactions.
– Be aware of their body language as a listener and recognize feelings physically and emotionally.
– Focus on what a client is telling them for at least several minutes with total concentration.

Want To Find Out More About The Inner Workings Of The Human Mind?
Diploma in Counseling and Psychology program covers a range of theoretical, analytical, conceptual, and functional skills. This course prepares and equips you with the ability to understand your co-worker/students’ problems associated physically, emotionally, or with disorders. Build your capacity to work right across the spectrum of this profession. Learn how people think, interact, respond, grow, and develop. This program will provide you a better understanding of how people think and will always be valued in virtually any workplace to help people, manage people, and teach people.

Whether you are interested in a specialist area of Counseling and Psychology or prefer to follow a general route, this Counseling and Psychology program could be the course for you. Psychology is an exceptionally versatile discipline, attempting to understand, explain, and predict many aspects of human behavior, making it applicable to a wide range of sectors, including business and social work, as well as traditional roles within psychology.

Counseling has a huge impact on people’s lives, whether it’s marriage counseling, mental health counseling, or rehabilitation counseling; it facilitates change and growth in people. An individual can benefit hugely from working through their problems and concerns with a counselor, who has the right approach and adequate knowledge to guide them to a happier life. With our Counseling and Psychology program, you can become an agent of change and have a positive influence on the lives of many.

BIMT Campus was established to electrify the employability of the Nation. We are equipped with the best panel of lecturers who are not only qualified professionally and academically but also enriched with global and local corporate competence. We have created a unique learning environment that will empower our students with the necessary skills to achieve their corporate ambitions. Their success depends on the applications of theoretical skills and practical experience. It is the combination, where we are true experts, ensuring that students get the right balance of solid theory coupled with necessary ‘real-life’ case studies and teaching.

BIMT CAMPUS is the fastest growing Private Sector Higher Educational Institute in Sri Lanka. We offer a range of Internationally Recognized Educational programs in partnership with globally reputed Universities and Awarding bodies. We have picked the best courses, which offer the qualifications suitable for Sri Lankan students to gain complete knowledge on subject matters.

– To equip participants with a more in-depth understanding of Psychology and Counseling Principles.
– To enhance the effectiveness of participants’ practical skills and techniques through practical counseling sessions.
– To enhance the advanced professional skills of the counseling practitioner.
– To develop the interventional capability of the practitioner.
– To enable candidates to enter into the Government and Private sector that focuses on the promotion of personal and communal balanced living and in related fields.

– Introduction to Counseling Psychology.
– Introduction to Psychological Theories and Approaches.
– Basic Concept of Human Behavior.
– Counseling Skills and Techniques.
– Process of Counseling Ethics and Methods.
– Motivation and Emotion.

– Counseling Practitioner.
– Counselors.
– Health Psychologists.
– Child psychologists.
– Child Care Worker.
– Mental Health Coordinator.

– You should be over the age of 16 .
– You should have intermediate English Knowledge.

Necessary documents should be submitted before registering for this program. As below,
– Duly Filled Application.
– O/L and A/L Result sheet (if available).
– NIC or Passport (Copy).
– Passport Size Photo.


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